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Apple Room Hot Meals (Lunchtime)

From Sept Hot meals are open to everyone 

At Little Pippins we believe in providing nutritious, delicious, satisfying food that encourages healthy eating.  We provide breakfast from 8a.m., morning snack at around 10am, lunch at 12.10a.m., afternoon snack at 2.30p.m. and tea/dinner at 4.30p.m in our Apple room. 


Children have different nutritional needs to adults and as their bodies develop, these needs change. It is extremely important that the diets of young children are planned to be age appropriate to ensure they have the fuel to reach their potential.

Having a tasty, varied and nutritional diet from the outset helps develop a child’s palate, creating healthy habits that will last a life time.


Our hot meals are supplied by Local suppliers which the children can have at lunchtime and Tea time in the Apple room if they wish. They provide a wide range of nutritious, well balanced meals catering for all dietary requirements.  Our partnership with Apetito ensures that our children get the best nutrition and health from the food we provide.  The management team  ensure allergen control and hygiene standards are maintained consistently achieving a 5/5 Food Hygiene Rating from the local council.


Our  staff prepare all the food at snack times and tea and breakfast in addition to the food supplied by Local supplier for hot meals.

An example of our menu can be seen below, we try to have a vary of meals and desserts for the children to try.

You can order hot meals for an additional cost of £2.00 for a hot dinner and pudding. If your child has dietary requirements then your meal would be at a cost of £2.50. 

We place our orders every week and an invoice is sent to parents by email for the meals. if you would like to opt in please speak to the management team. 

From Sept 2022 we will be doing a 4 week Rota for that term of meals that will be provided , unless we have a special event like Christmas and having a roast dinner. 

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