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Pippins Room 20mths- 3 year olds

The Pippins Room is for funded or non funded children aged  20 mths -2 year old children.

Our room main aim will be on the importance of building relationships with their key person and peers. The EYFS is our curriculum that we follow, however we will be focusing on the three prime areas, personal social and emotional skills, communication and language and physical development throughout in the moment planning. The room is brightly decorated and has a very warm and welcoming atmosphere. The Pippins room is equipped with a wide range of toys which are both age and development appropriate for the children and their individual needs.

Children will spend the sessions within a free flow enabling environment between the indoors and outdoors, mixing with the preschool children and staff to help with transition later on their journey through Little Pippins.  The Pippins room plans adult led circle times which are done at the end of the session.  We will be promoting children independence, social skills and ensure they have the opportunity to rest and sleep in  our comfort corner.

Our routine is flexible to meet the individual needs of all children experiencing activities indoors and outdoors. The routine encourages children to socialise with others and experience small group as well as investigating activities alone and support and interactions from staff.

All children have a ‘ blossom learning journey detailing this with lots of lovely photographs showing your child enjoying their time at Little Pippins which we share with you regularly and you contribute to as parents , with wow moments at home and recognising children progress.



In the Pippins rooms the staffing ratios are 1:4 2 years olds and 1/3 for children aged 20mths to 2 years.  All staff is very committed to their positions and show commitment and great enthusiasm, they have experience working with this age group.

Things you will need to bring with you for your child.

Spare nappies, and clothes (wipes and nappy bags are provided if you pay the additional service charge
Nappy cream- to be signed for
Comforter Change of clothes for the time of year - including vest, shirt, trousers and socks. Coat, hat and gloves Sun cream/ sun hats Any special creams that need administering (signed in medical book)
Healthy lunch if in all day or pm session

Moving up a room

Opportunities for experience sessions are planned, key person allocated and handover sessions for parents can be organised. Just talk to the staff to arrange a suitable time. Some children move rooms so they can prepare for school and attend all day. Please note children cant go between both rooms. 

We are also starting a stay and play session on Tuesday afternoons 12.30-2.30 so why not join your child and explore the environment and spend time with the staff. 

Marie Birch-
Room Lead
Angela Collier
Deputy Room lead
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