Afterschool Club

"Your all lovely , caring people who i couldn't of asked to of given my daughter a better start to her time in education than you all have  so thank you." M.Kanca, 2014

  • Providing childcare from 4 to 11 years old's end of primary school.
  • Children are provided afterschool snack, varying daily to provide children with a balance diet.
  • A wide range of activities will be available: construction, video games, tv, arts and crafts, cooking activities, outdoor access and games.
  • Run by Little pippins preschool staff who are all qualified and DBS checked.
  • Little pippins was judge Good by Ofsted in June 2017.
  • All for a reasonable price.

Little Pippins After school club was formed in Feb 2014 as an expanding provision by Little Pippins preschool. Our aim is to provide reasonable provision for the children who attend Little Pippins Preschool, Greenmeadow Primary School, Rodbourne Cheney and Haydon Wick Primary school. 

We are open five days a week ] after school to children aged 4-11 years who attend Little Pippins Preschool room,Greenmeadow primary,Rodbourne and Haydon Wick and Haydonleigh during term time only.

Our staff work within little pippins are work very closely with the school especially children following the EYFS.


When children arrive at Afterschool club Fruit and Yoghurts will be available to access.

3.15-4.00pm Children Arrive from all 4 schools 

3.50-4.10 Outdoor games

4.10-Snack time

4.30 Indoor play, including activity planned and free choice Lego, board games wii barbies etc

5.15 Homework time

6pm Home times

In the after school club we will offer the children a snack for example:

· Toast with topping
. Pizza
. Pasta and sauces
. Noddles

Hot dogs 

· Crumpets
· Beans and bread/butter
· Wraps with filing
· Fruit
· Malt loaf/teacakes

In our after school provision we have a wider ranges of equipment and toys for children aged 4-11 years in including: arts and crafts, TV and Dvd, Wii and electronic games, outdoor activities, table football/ construction, cooking activities and many more.

For our Under 8's we have separate activities and use the other end of the room to provide activities for them. They also have access to the outdoor area through the session. 
some of the toys we have on offer are: dinosaurs, book corner, knex, stickle bricks, ball games, board games, farm yard, garage and cars, home corner, Lego , barbies plus much more.

For our Over 8's we have additional activities and resources for the children to access such as: Wii games, just dance, arts and crafts, football, ball games, group outdoor board games, dvd's, movies nights, bracelet making plus much more. 

How to Join

Complete a registration form and hand into Manager office or Preschool Provision. The Manager will confirm whether places are available and agree a start date, or if full, whether you wish to remain on the waiting list. Registration forms can be downloaded from the document section and emailed back to us.
Fee's and Timing

Sept 2021

Afterschool club 

School Children: Greenmeadow Primary, Rodbourne, Haydonleigh and Haydon wick 


3.25-4pm £4.40 (£4.90), 3.25-5pm £8.60 (£9.10) 3.25-6pm £12.10 (£12.60)

 Friday 1.10-3.25pm £10.90 or £11.40

A 50p additional charge will be given to children collected from all school except Greenmeadow to cover staff costs leaving at 3pm for collections.

If your child attends an after school activity at Greenmeadow, and will need to be picked up after please inform us asap when you afterschool club activity has been authorised.


If you have more than one child attending Little Pippins Club then a 20% discount will apply for sibling only.


Fees remain due in the event of your child’s absence, for any reason, as our running costs remain the same.

No refunds will be made in the event of absence due to illness, occasional days off and parental holidays, or closure of your child’s school due to an unforeseen event.  It is also your responsibility to inform us of any Teacher Training days at the beginning of the new academic year. Parents/carers are advised to speak to the manager about payment of fees in cases of prolonged absence.



Parents/carers must phone the Preschool manager on 01793 495680 or 07879 623507 to advise of any absences before 2pm on the day of absence for afterschool club,  Greenmeadow Parents must inform us if a child is at an afterschool club or if it has been cancelled.


We request that members book a minimum of two session per week on a regular basis. NO ADHOC SESSIONS CAN BE BOOKED

Changes to hours or leaving the club

Four term time weeks notice in writing is required to cancel your child’s place at the Little Pippins Clubs or to make changes to your current booking. The only exception to this is that we can accept written notification of changes during the last week of a term that affects the start of the forthcoming term. Notification received at the start of a term will mean that changes take affect after four weeks.


Little Pippins Clubs will be unable to refund payments where a session has been cancelled as a result of exceptional circumstances beyond our control, ie flooding, fire, natural , any failure of gas, electricity or water services.