Little Pippins Preschool aims to create  an environment which promotes and safeguards the welfare of children. We have a duty of care to refer any allegation, complaint or concern received relating to a child to Social Services or the police. A copy of our Safeguarding Children Policy and Procedures can be found in our policies and procedures folder, of which a copy is available to loan.

If you are at all worried about a child, please take a look at the government guidelines - attached file 'What to do if you are worried about a child is being abused'. On loan at preschool, or link on website

We aim to provide a good, safe and secure environment for the child, and conform with the Pre-school Learning Alliance
guidelines for health, hygiene and safety. We have at least two trained first aiders on duty at any time and all staff and parents are made aware of the accident book.

Before the start of each session Little Pippins preschool carries out a detailed by risk assessment of both the indoor and outdoor areas and equipment. We also ensure that all food preparation areas are thoroughly cleaned and that all children and adults wash
their hands before handling food.

A member of staff is allocated to door duty at the beginning and end of each session. After parents have left at the start of the session, the inner door is secured so the children cannot gain access to the car park. Similarly the outside play area is securely enclosed by fencing and, when the outdoor area is in use there is always two member of staff supervising.

Little Pippins preschool also carries out fire drill practices on a regular basis.

All staff (and all members of the committee) are DBS checked at enhanced level.

Dropping off and Collecting Protcols have changed this month Jan 18, Children are collected by parents from the room door as an additonal safety measure.

  • When dropping your child off at Preschool, you are required to help your child put their coats etc onto their pegs, collect their name label before handing them over to the member of staff on the room door and signing the register.

  • Children going home at the end of session will be collected from the room.

  • Parents will have access to the cloakroom or corridor to collect their children’s belongings.

  • Children will be released into the care of a parent/guardian one at a time.

  • Passwords will be requested on the main door if the child is being collected by someone unknown to the staff members.

  • Accidents or discussions - You will be asked to stay until all the children have been collected if a staff member needs to speak to you or you need to sign the accident log.

  • Please do not let your child bring toys in from home. If they do bring something in and it is lost/mislaid during the session or if they lose gloves etc. you will need to wait until the following day to collect them as staff members will be unable to search the room for them.



  • It is important that we work together to follow the setting’s procedures to ensure that all children remain safe whilst attending Little Pippins and we thank you in advance for your co-operation.