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Q: What does my child need to bring with them to preschool: 

  • a bag with spare clothes and underwear

  • nappies 

  • water bottle

  • hat, wellies, half gloves and scarf.


  • If you choose to not pay the additional service charge you will need to also provide

  • waterproof suit

  • high vis jacket

  • nappy wipes

  • a4 folder 

Q: Is my Child eligible for funding?

A: All 3 & 4 year olds are entitled to up to 15 hours of funding per week.  Funding will start the term after their 3rd birth

2 year old funding is available in some circumstances, please go on to the childcare choice website  to check eligibility.


Q: What is the minimum amount of sessions my child can attend?

A: We would prefer children to attend at least 2 sessions per week to help them to settle in to the setting.


Q: When will my child's funding come into effect?

A: Funding will start the term after your child's 3rd birthday.  If you are entitled to 2 year old funding, this will come into effect the term after their 2nd birthday.

Q. How much funding do i get for the year?

A: Your entitled to 38 weeks funding a year. As we are open for 48 weeks a year you can pay for the additional hours at our Hourly rate. 


Q: When should I apply for my child's primary school place?

A: Your child will be due to go to school in the September after their 4th birthday.  Applications can be made from the September before this, the last date for applications is around the 15th of January. The actual date will be displayed on this website nearer the time.


Q: How do I know when fee's are due?


  • Fee letters will be issued two week before the end of the previous term

  • Fees must be paid by the last day of the previous term, unless a voucher scheme has been set up for monthly payments, in which case the invoice must be paid in two equal payments.  The first payment by the last day of the previous term and the 2nd payment four weeks later.

  • Fees may be paid by Cash, Cheque or Bank Transfer.  Emails must be sent quoting your child's details if a bank transfer is used.

  • A £10 fee will be charged for any cheques that bounce, and then all future payments MUST be made in cash.

  • Fees are payable in cases of absence and no reduction is made for sickness or holidays taken during term time.

  • Four term time weeks PAID-WRITTEN notice is required for any child withdrawing from the setting.


  • Late Payment

  • If payment has not been made on time and a childcare voucher scheme has not been setup your child’s space will be revoked, and a reminder will be issued...

  • A charge of £2 per day will be incurred and added to your invoice, the charges will continue to be accumulated until the invoice has been paid in full.

  • If payment has not been made within 10 working days, a final reminder letter will be issued, giving notice that your child’s place may be cancelled if full payment is not received within a further 5 working days.

  • If fees are still not forthcoming then unpaid outstanding fees will then be progressed through the Small Claims Court.

  • If fees aren’t paid you will be breaching your contract with Little Pippins preschool and we will have the right to claim outstanding fees.

Q: What does the Additional Service charge cover? If i opt out of paying for this charge what do i need to provide?

A:  Our additional services charge is for snacks, drinks, wipes, tissues, sun cream, nappy bags, Cooking activities,. Visiting professionals such as Jo jingles, Jonathon's jungle roadshow. Craft supplies, high vis jackets, spare clothes, learning books and tablets and Parent mail. This is due to our funding being cut from the government and the funding received cannot cover the cost of consumables.

If you decide to opt out of the £1.50/ £2 a session Additional service charge you will need to provide all snacks, a snack list will be provided on what is needed each day, a drink, wipes, nappy sacks, sun cream, high vis jacket, waterproof suit, spare clothes, tissues, You will no longer have access to Parentmail message, online learning journey a paper copy will be left at the setting. you will be billed for small trips and cooking activities for your child to take part in events.

Q: When can i register my child on the waiting list?

A: Your child's name can be placed on our waiting list as soon as they are born. This is prioritised by the date the child is funded and the date the child was register. We will accept children from any area in Swindon, but if places do become limited, priority will be given to those who live in and around Greenmeadow/Haydon wick. We have no objection to children attending more than one preschool or nursery, but we would like to know in advance where possible. Children 's places will be kept open for 2 weeks after their start date; if the preschool has not heard from the parents by that date, you will be contacted. If no contact is made then the place will be forfeited.

Q: If my child is poorly and cannot attend preschool what should i do?

A: If your child has sickness or diarrhoea you should keep them off Pre-school for 48 hours after the last bout of sickness and diarrhoea, if they just have a cold but have been given any medication this include calpol and cough medicine the children need to stay at home till they are better. If a child does not attend preschool for 2 weeks without explanation, the preschool will endeavour to make contact, if no contact is made their place will be forfeited and any outstanding fee's will requested these should be paid asap to avoid court action.

Q: If i want to change my sessions , increase, decrease or want to leave the setting what do i need to do?

A: You must give 4 weeks term time written.notice if you want to change your sessions or want to leave the setting. You will be charged for these four weeks at the sessions you have been allocated. Your four weeks notices does not include when were closed 














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