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Staff and Committee

The Preschool is run by a parent management committee—whose members are elected by the parents of the children who attend the Pre-School. The elections take place at the Pre-School’s Annual General Meeting. The Committee is responsible for:- Managing the Pre-School’s finances, employing and managing the staff, making sure that the Pre-School has and works to polices which help it to provide a high quality of service and ensuring that the Pre-School works in partnership with parents.

The AGM is open to the parents of all children who attend the Pre-School. It is their forum for looking back over the previous year’s
activities and shaping the coming year’s activities. This is normally held in September/October. We ask all parents to attend as the Pre-School requires a quorum of parents to attend or we may be forced to close if the recommended number does not attend. Without the committee Little Pippins Pre-School cannot exist. Parents can make a real contribution by attending the AGM and/or becoming a committee member. The current committee responsible for Little Pippins Pre-School are:

Chair person: Harri Thompson leaving July 23 


Treasurer: Julie Jeans

Committee member: 
Secretary: Zoey Edington Leaving July 23

Committee Member: 

Administrator:   Rachel Cleary




Information on the roles of committee member and officers can be found in the document below.




Staff work on a maximum ratio of 1:8 with our 3-4 Year olds and 1:4 with our 2 years olds, this remains the same for outside activities. Staff have up to date training; currently all staff are trained or training to at least a Level 3 and all staff are DBS checked. We also have a number of bank staff and volunteers who are called upon as required. Bank staff and volunteers are also DBS checked if they are helping out on a regular basis. The staff who work at Little Pippins Pre-School are:

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