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Blossom Room Under 2's 

We have just opened our blossom baby room for children aged 3mths to 18-24mths depending on how confident they are in walking. All our staff hold early years qualifcations and have had Baby training.
We have a maximum of 5 babies a session and support their early stages of learning through building up those strong attachements with a key person. Singing , reading stories exploring sensory plan and geeting them ready for their next stage of moving up to our Pippins room. 


Play time

Once they become mobile in some way (shuffling, crawling, walking), your child can choose for themselves from the activities provided. These range from small world floor play (zoo, farm and cars), construction, music and dance, puzzles and art, and messy play. The babies have access to our soft play room to help build on their gross motor skills and to use our sensory room.

Children are encouraged to hold their own cups at meal times and, as they progress, to feed themselves. This develops their self-help skills, no matter how messy it is.

Your child will be able to explore the outside world. Children are taken for regular into our Baby garden where they can play on toddler bikes and in the sand and water trays.


We have stack away cloud cots for our babies to sleep in during the session, all children are given their own blanks and cots sheets which are washed regularly.

The cots are in the room and a staff member will sit with the children whilst they are sleeping.

Items which need to be provided: 

We would ask that parents kindly provide the following items:

  • Milk feeds as required by your baby. You may prefer to supply a tin of formula milk with pre-sterilised bottles which can then be prepared by the practitioners as and when your baby requires a feed, alternatively you may provide a measured amount of powder for each feed that you bring with you on a daily basis. Please note that we follow the rule of disposal after one hour of use.

  • Nappies and nappy cream. The nursery provides baby wipes but if your child has sensitive skin or you would like to provide your, please feel free to do so.

  • Spare Clothing

  • Outdoor Clothing

  • Teething gel

  • Any soothers/comfort items they may have

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